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Performance Training

Elevate your skills!  Get the individualized training needed to help you accelerate your game.  Whether you are currently playing with a high school/club team or not - this is your chance to train with fresh, young coaches - right out of Division 1 programs!  This is a training opportunity - not a team commitment.  Small group sessions focus on fundamentals and advanced agility training with Coach Matt.

Training is open to both high school boys and girls.  Work on speed, catching, release, footwork, off-ball movement,  and signal awareness. Our coach will help identify your areas for growth and cater to your needs as an individual player. Lots of reps, this is your X factor to be the strongest player you can be.

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Our Program

D1 Lacrosse Trainer from Syracuse University - Matt Mancz is leading performance training. Agility, speed, explosion, agility, change of direction, flexibility, strength, body awareness, and injury reduction. Small groups for 4-week sessions. High School Players will grow their personal athletic ability to perform greater when in season. One-hour Training with a top-notch trainer who has worked with women's and men's lacrosse teams at Syracuse University as well as football. Grab your friends and get the training.


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