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Boys Gear

Boys Lacrosse requires a lot of equipment before a player can even step foot on the field for competitve play.  Read through the USLacrosse Equipment Fit Guide before purchasing gear.  Contact Ripcurl with any questions you may have.

Required Equipment


Field Player

  • helmet

  • stick

  • mouthguard

  • shoulder pads

  • elbow pads

  • cleats

  • lacrosse gloves



  • helmet

  • girdle pad

  • chest protector

  • elbow pads

  • lacrosse gloves

  • goalie stick

  • knee guards

  • chin guards

Starter Packages

Lacrosse Starter Packages are a great option for a player just starting the sport.   The proper safety equipment keeps them as safe as possible, and allowing them the flexibility to enhance their skills. 

You'll need a helmet - we may have a few to lend for the season or you can buy one.  We recommend Cascade CPV-R in white if you would like to purchase your own.

A mouthgaurd is also mandatory lacrosse gear for kids and must be a bright color (no white or clear).

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