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Lacrosse Gear

Boys Lacrosse and Girls Lacrosse are two different sports (read more).  The rules of play are different and the gear is different. Talk with your coach or a seasoned lacrosse player/parent before making any purchases.  You will appreciate their advice and input! Read through the USLacrosse Equipment Fit Guide for more detailed information. Below are a few suggestions for gear and safety equipment:


Lacrosse sticks are different for guys and girls. In boys' lacrosse, the pocket of the stick is deeper, which helps a player to throw the ball faster. Most beginners choose a youth or junior complete/prestrung stick from Signature Lacrosse or other sporting goods provider.

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Boys' lacrosse players are required to wear helmets with facemasks, but girls' lacrosse players are not. Always choose a helmet that is approved specifically for lacrosse by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). This means that it has been tested and passed safety regulations. Girls' lacrosse players may wear a soft helmet when they play.



ALL cleats are not the same.  Lacrosse Cleats have cleats on the outside of the sole for stability and side-to-side movement as well as a toe cleat. They usually have a mid-level cut to offer ankle support. Cleats are preferred for competitive players but athletic shoes are fine for developmental play.


Boys Pads

Elbow and shoulder pads are required in boys' lacrosse. They help protect the arms and upper body. For added protection, some players wear full arm guards or rib pads. Don't forget a cup as well.



Mouthguards protect the teeth, lips, cheeks, and tongue. A mouthguard is mandatory lacrosse gear for kids and must be a bright color (no white or clear). Let local dentist, Dr. Lirio with Underdog Custom Sports Mouthguard fit for your player for the best protection.

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Eye Protection for Girls

Girls' lacrosse players are required to wear eye protection. Most goggles are made of steel cages that protect the eyes. More and more girls are choosing helmets for competitive play. 



Lacrosse gloves are required in boys' lacrosse. Gloves should protect the fingers, hands, and wrists, while allowing the hands to move freely and grip the stick. Make sure there are hard plastic inserts to protect the thumbs.  Girls sometimes wear lightweight field gloves.


Ripcurl Swag

While you will be provided a uniform or pinny depending on your level of play - you don't want to miss the opportunity to add some good looking gear with the Ripcurl logo to your closet! 

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