About Ripcurl


We are proud of our program but even more excited that this sport is reaching our players and their families in positive ways that make a difference - both on and off the field!

The Ripcurl Family

At Ripcurl Lacrosse, we believe in personal development through athletics, teamwork, and community engagement. We encourage our athletes to grow as a player, enjoy the thrill of competition and fall in love with the game of lacrosse. 


Lacrosse is a rapidly growing sport in Florida. Our goal is to develop our local players into national-level competitors.  Local practices with the area's best high school coaches, Ripcurl has become a dominant presence in the lacrosse community.  We seek to make the financial commitment attainable for every dedicated player.

Ride the Wave

We love life here in Southwest Florida! We love the vibe of the beach and the waves and outdoor living.  We are all about embracing a healthy lifestyle and motivating our families to be active and moving together.  Teammates make the best friends - both on and off the field. We hope those connections made on the field extend to our player's families and strengthen our Ripcurl community.

As a small business in Sarasota, you will find us at local markets connecting with residents, visitors, and other vendors. It's amazing how many people have a connection to lacrosse!  We do our best to support our community and support other local businesses.   Ripcurl more than just a youth sports program - it's a way of life!

What We're Excited About

While we are looking forward to seeing the players' skills develop on the field, the expansion of the Ripcurl community is what we are most excited about. Lacrosse is the fastest-growing sports program in Florida and we are excited to be at the forefront of providing an entry for players in Sarasota.

In addition to our amazing program for girls, Coach Kendall, a Sarasota High School Lacrosse Boys Coach, has joined Ripcurl and is offering semi-private and small group instruction for boys 10- 14.  We hope to roll these boys into a new middle school travel team by summer. Coach D, a former D1 lacrosse player at the University of Delaware, is doing a phenomenal job with the Middle School Girls Travel Team and we can’t wait to see them compete this spring and summer. Coach Peters, from New Canaan, CT is working with our youth and passing on her love of lacrosse and its healthy lifestyle.

An added benefit of Ripcurl is that three of our head coaches are also the head coaches from our local public high schools (Coach Ashley McLeod, Riverview, and Coach Heather Ballew, Sarasota. This is extremely exciting as families and players benefit from base concepts at Ripcurl to take to their high school programs.

We are thrilled to be a growing part of the Sarasota community, we're grateful for the support of current Ripcurl families and look forward to meeting new families and players!

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